A mother of two waits in a parking lot off Indiantown Road for a food delivery from the Palm Beach County agency, Feed the Hungry. The representative is late, but there’s no reason for the mother to go home – her family is struggling with health and unemployment issues and her cupboard is bare.

The worker arrives after a busy day with two boxes of canned and dry goods, bags of frozen chicken and a Publix gift certificate. The mother and her children eat well that night and will return to a more normal life thanks to help from Feed the Hungry.

Meanwhile, clients of Holy Ground Shelter for the Homeless are beginning a long climb out of the deep, dark hole of hopelessness. Kapree was hired by Whole Foods in Palm Beach Gardens and is enrolled at Palm Beach State College. Brenda has begun a part-time job in laundry services and an increase in hours is on the horizon. Dominique is working almost full-time and is slowly turning her life around.

These are a few of the success stories accomplished with the help of two Palm Beach County’s smaller – and often unrecognized – charities. There are many others.

Once again, The 2016 Directory for Charitable Giving shines its spotlight on the most urgent human needs with a particular concern for hunger, homelessness and caregiving youth. Small but effective, the Palm Beach County charities highlighted in this year’s directory are helping local residents as they struggle through difficult issues. We’re proud to play a part in their efforts.

Each year, Extraordinary Charities helps chart the changing face of philanthropy and identifies new donor opportunities. From cover-to-cover, we’d like our directory to be a guide for philanthropists as they make hard choices.

We hope our work will help ease suffering while making Palm Beach County a happier and healthier community.


Beverlee Miller Raymond & John J. Raymond, Jr.
Extraordinary Charities, Inc.