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Imagine the feeling of helplessness when you’re told that your 3-year-old is suffering from a rare, aggressive liver cancer. A little girl once playful and energetic becomes fragile and traumatized as doctors scramble to save her life.

Consider three hungry veterans who collect aluminum cans to raise enough gas money to drive to a church for Thanksgiving food. They are barely surviving – hungry, sick, and alone.

Think of the desperate mother named Audrey, who borrowed a car to get food because she had nothing to feed her son for supper. They had eaten 2 eggs for breakfast, and she had given him a few crackers for lunch.

The 2017 Directory for Charitable Giving is focusing on childhood cancer, as well as hunger and homelessness, which has hit veterans hard. Pediatric Oncology Support Team (POST) is one organization that stands as a beacon of hope for families touched by the tragedy of cancer, and Feed the Hungry offers hope to veterans, single mothers and deserving seniors.

Vanessa, the cancer-stricken little girl, was in and out of the hospital for 12 months getting chemotherapy while she was evaluated for a liver transplant. But doctors discovered the cancer had spread to her lungs, and treatment left her so weak she had to be on a feeding tube.

POST care team members remained at the family’s side every step of the way, and the organization continues to embrace this devastated family. It remains a soothing voice amid the overwhelming pain.

The veterans – and Audrey and her son – are getting help with food as long as they need it from Feed the Hungry, which serves more than 1.1 million meals to poor local families in Palm Beach County every year.

Extraordinary Charities, which follows the changing face of philanthropy in Palm Beach County and identifies new donor opportunities, is proud to spotlight the work of POST, Feed the Hungry and other deserving local charities. They continue to ease suffering and make Palm Beach County a happier and healthier community.


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