KidSafe Foundation

Victims of child abuse feel violated, helpless and alone, with no one to trust. KidSafe Foundation is dedicated to educating and empowering children to protect themselves while teaching adults how to recognize the signs of abuse and respond effectively. The Boca Raton-based nonprofit believes that 95% of child abuse – as well as online bullying and pornographic exploitation – is preventable through education. Since its founding in 2009, KidSafe has educated more than 40,000 children and reached thousands of adults, collaborating with schools, foster care facilities, mental health providers and other community organizations. Co-founders Sally Berenzweig and Cherie Benjoseph wrote two children’s safety books My Body is Special and Belongs to ME! and Jack Teaches His Friends To Be KidSafe! They also offer videos on their website, Both mental health professionals, they lead a team of 13 instructors whose mission is to keep children safe through education. Their goal is to reach a day when no child has to endure the tragedy of abuse.

Current Needs
$275 – 10 sets of KidSafe children’s safety books

$500 – Bring a KidSafe adult seminar to a local school
$1,000 – Sponsor a two-three hour sexual abuse prevention training program

Contact Information

Cherie Benjoseph
Co-Executive Director
20283 S.R. 7, Suite 300
Boca Raton, FL 33498