Note to Charities

Welcome to Extraordinary Charities!

Is your organization in need of more visibility, credibility and support?  Do you want to increase your donor base?  YOU could be included in our upcoming 3nd annual publication that connects small charities with thousands of local donors.  Our foundation is providing this information as a community service so all costs are covered by us.  We are following in the footsteps of similar publications in other metropolitan areas that have been highly successful in helping charities fulfill their missions through increased exposure.

Our objective:

Our Objective is simple: to raise awareness of unrecognized but deserving charities. Extraordinary Charities, Inc. has produced a directory of extraordinary charities in Palm Beach County that may not be getting connected with appropriate donors. This directory is being distributed to thousands of high net worth individuals, small foundations, philanthropic advisors and others who wish to be more knowledgeable so they can contribute with assurance that their gifts will have a significant positive impact.

Our process:

We do all the legwork that many donors don’t have the time to do. Each organization has been assessed by a review panel consisting of diverse local professionals with philanthropic expertise.  Our panel evaluates applicants on the basis of uniqueness, sustainability, cost effectiveness and impact.  As part of our evaluation, we conducted site visits to further acquaint ourselves with each organization and to help with the application, if necessary.

What we can do for you:

If you’re selected, our elegant publication and website will feature your charity for two years. Our 6th edition will be distributed by November 2016, and then annually to potential donors of the highest caliber.

Applications completed by Palm Beach County 501(c)(3) agencies, with annual budgets under $3 million is due by May 04, 2016. To download the application in PDF format, click here

This is a relatively new concept and I’m anticipating your questions so please feel free to contact me at (561) 328-3250.  I look forward to learning more about your “Extraordinary Charity.”

Beverlee Miller Raymond
Founder, Extraordinary Charities, Inc.

Non-Discrimination:  Extraordinary Charities does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, creed, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, age or disability and we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization