Asian Blepharoplasty, The Most Popular Procedure For Asians

In the West, the term “Asian” eyelid surgeon comes from. An accurate term for this would be “Oriental blepharoplasty”, or “Oriental eyelid surgical procedure”. Scientists use the term ‘blepharoplasty’ to refer to a reshaping or refashioning of the eyelids. A double-eyelid operation is often used in conjunction with Oriental blepharoplasty. Visit us if you’re looking for the best asian eyelid surgery.

People of Oriental and mixed-Oriental descent have long desired the appearance of an Oriental eyelid skin crease. In the present day, Chinese and Japanese celebrities and models are using temporary techniques such as tape or glue to create this crease.

In the half of Oriental people who lack an eyelid line, the others may also have a slight crease. Most Asians choose to have eyelid refashioning to create wider and rounded eyes. Others choose surgery to transform a monolid lacking a wrinkle into a two-eyelid double (with the crease). Some Asians have double eyelid surgery instead of Caucasians to make their eyelids look younger, remove bags or lift the droopy ones.

Both closed thread/suture and an open incision are two of the surgical methods used for creating a skin crease that enhances the appearance.

In the suture technique, simple stitches are used in order to create an upper eyelid crease. These sutures pass through the upper-eyelid structures. As there is no need for an incision, this method makes the procedure relatively simple. This technique is also popular because of its quick recovery. A disadvantage to the suture technique, is that additional factors aren’t addressed. These include redundant tissue like fat and muscles. Over time, the risk for asymmetry increases and there may be a loss in fold.

A second technique is an open-incision method, whereby a small incision is made into the eyelid to the right of the desired crease. The upper eyelid anatomy is best seen with this technique, as the surgeon can easily visualize what he/she will be doing. You can choose from a variety of techniques that use an open incision. One of these is partial incisions double eyelid surgery. A small amount of tissue is removed and stitches are used to align the cuts on the upper lid.

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