Build A Foundation

For children to develop, it is crucial that relationships are built from the beginning. Supporting the development of children requires that all solid foundations are in place. Since spring has returned to Michigan, many construction projects have resumed. It is time to clear the land, dig holes, and lay foundations. Each time I watch a foundation pour for a brand new home, school, or construction companies, it makes think about the foundations which we must build in our own life to be successful.

From the moment they are born, children start to build the foundations of their future success. The foundation for a long-lasting relationship is laid by babies who quickly learn “When i cry, my caregiver comforts me; if i drop something, somebody picks it; if i make noises, a person responds”. Children continue to lay foundations throughout their development and growth. In the early years, some children are unable to lay solid foundations. It may be because of internal disregulation. It could be caused by internal disregulation, trauma (such as reflux or sensory problems), or environmental influences. The living conditions. Building on a foundation which is less than stable can be very challenging. Children who do not have solid foundations must be given the chance to go back in time and rebuild those foundations. It is here that the concept is crucial.

Many of the kids I encounter in my career are missing important foundational elements that are necessary for building long-lasting friendships and improving their quality of life. Parents have therefore sought out a remediation programme. We tell parents to start building a foundation with their child. I spend quite a bit of time discussing with parents how to build the foundation for their program of remediation. We discuss a lot the fact that a treatment program is doomed to failure if there is no solid foundation. Horizons consultants feel that a good foundation is built from a long-standing master/apprentice relation and a commitment of communication sharing within the family. A house without this foundation will eventually collapse.

When parents build their own solid foundations, building one for their child isn’t as daunting. You can lay the foundations one step at time, keeping each child’s needs in mind. Some children might not have the left cornerstone. Others might only be missing one or two pieces. Parents can help their children by providing support in any missing pieces. This will lead to a more solid foundation. This quote is what I thought spoke to the foundations of remediation and the work we do at Horizons with the parents and family members we serve.

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