How to Paint the Interior and Exterior of Your House?

A professional painter isn’t necessary for an interior painting job. Most homeowners hire professionals to complete their home painting projects. Following are a few helpful tips on how to paint a residential home. Continue reading?

If you are painting the inside of a house, empty the space and remove any furniture. Then, tape off all areas that the paint can’t reach. Also, wear a painter’s shirt because things can get messy. Make sure you have adequate ventilation. You should also plan to paint three times: one coat of primer and then two more coats. Paint the corners, ceiling-to-wall joints and anyplace else where you can’t use a standard roller. You can now break out the pan with roller. The pan should only be filled with a very small amount of paint. This will prevent it from drying up before it is used. It is important to start painting quickly. This will prevent the paint from drying before you roll it on. This will ensure that the colors blend. You should always have some brushes and rags on hand in case you get any paint drips.

It is better to let the experts do the painting of the outside of your home, if you lack experience. The surfaces of the home should be thoroughly cleaned before you begin painting. It is best to use high-pressure sprays of water. Removing cracked and chipped paint using a sandpaper scraper or paint scraper is effective. Also, patch nailholes or cracks on the siding. Caulk the corners and seams. If you have serious problems use epoxy. Also, sand glossy or rough surfaces. You can remove screens, lights and light fixtures. Use dropcloths to cover any areas where the paint may be difficult to clean. The exterior painting process is similar to the interior paint job, which involves one exterior primer coat followed by two exterior topcoats. All wood surfaces should be painted with a painters’ brush, and all other surfaces are painted using a roller.

Although house painting seems simple, exterior painting should only be done by professionals because ladders are needed and they can reach high places. Although residential painting might not seem like the best activity to undertake, by working with friends and listening to good music you can turn it into a fun experience. This is a worthwhile investment if done right.

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