Music’s Healing Benefits

Music is a powerful and wonderful force of nature. It creates primal connections to the body, mind, and spirit. Music can provoke the strongest of emotions from sadness to joy, love to despair, and all in between. Visit our website and learn more about sacred sound healing system.

Everybody is affected differently. It is a personal experience that can have a profound impact on one person, but may have no effect on another. It can bring you to tears or make you laugh with joy.

Music can also be an excellent source of healing. It can be calming and soothing, rejuvenating, energized, relaxing, inspiring, and restoring. Music can have amazing healing effects on the body. Research has shown that music played with the intention of healing can have positive effects on the nervous, hormonal, and immune systems.

Music healing has been a powerful force over the centuries. It can promote harmony and well-being. Native Americans have used music healing as part of healing rituals for hundreds of years. This included singing, chanting, and drumming.

Music has the power to reach our souls. It can help us connect to our true selves, heal from within, and even make us feel better. Toning and chanting are two of our greatest gifts. New Age Music and Gregorian chants are great music for healing mind, spirit, and body.

Sound therapy and music professionals agree that sound vibrations can influence us in many different ways. One of the most profound ways is known as entrainment. This phenomenon involves the mind and spirit becoming in sync with music by the body becoming aligned with the lyrics, rhythm, and melody of the song. Ever feel that nostalgic feeling when you hear a song that brings back a childhood memory? Feeling the memories flood into your brain on all levels, filling up you with past emotions? This is called entrainment.